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Horses to Follow

Racehorses often put in a 'be on me next time' run at some stage during their campaign and a good way to keep track of those horses for future reference is by having a Horses to Follow black book where you receive an email or an SMS whenever they are racing next.

Online bookmaker Sportsbet has an excellent free Black Book service where you can add any horses that have shown they are ready to win or run a big race shortly. To add them to your horses to follow black book you simply click on the horse's name in the race field and then click the 'Add to BlackBook' button underneath the runner's comment as shown below.

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Horses tend to improve the most in their first one to five runs after a spell, although all horses are different, and some do race best when first-up or fresh. Generally speaking, when a racehorse returns to the track after a spell, they may require from 1 to 5 races before being fit enough to win or run a good race.

Horses To Follow Black Book

When looking for horses to follow you are trying to identify horses that are in the early stages of their campaign and have shown a 'ready to win' signal that says 'be on me next time', and if placed correctly in a race by their trainer they are capable of a win.

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How to Find Coming Winners

There are plenty of signals available when watching a race replay to spot racehorses who show they are ready to win or run well at their next few starts.

many stand out, such as the fast finisher or an unlcky runner. Sometimes they are a bit more obscure, such as a horse who leads to the last 200m, only to finish tenth beaten 3 lengths. It's a big fat 'zero' in the form guide, but if it is early in their preparation then the form is misleading. If the said horse was close up in a good field, then a drop back in class would surely benefit, and a win would be no surprise.

Check out the following ready to win signals and create a horses to follow blackbook right now.

Ready to Win Signals

Leader - Leaders that weaken in straight to finish within 4 lengths of winner.
On Pacer - On pace all the way and weakens to finish within 4 lengths of winner
Closer - Flashes down the outside at a rate of knots to run a place or just miss
Good Winner - Easy win by 2-3 lengths or more as ensuing weight rise won't stop them
Bad Luck - Horses who could have won or run a place except for bad luck in running
2nd Best - Horses that finish second but finish 3 lengths or more in front of the rest

In an ideal world you are picking horses that fall in the above criteria range and expecting them to either win or run very well in their next 3 starts, or over an 8 week period.

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