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Horse Racing Tips

Australian horse racing provides a host of opportunities for any punter who wants to either generate or supplement an income through betting, or simply participate for the fun of it.

Modern technology exerts considerable influence on the sport of Kings. The Internet, in particular, makes it possible to get horse racing tips and place wagers from the comfort and convenience of your home.

Thousands of Thoroughbred starters, and almost continuous race meetings imply that for all practical purposes it is physically impractical for a punter to ferret out the best wagering opportunities. Many therefore turn to professional tipping services to get racing tips.

Professional tipping services supply horse racing tips for a fee. Whether paid as a flat rate or as a percentage of the wager, it is vital to keep in mind that the fee is charged regardless of the outcome.

Is it worthwhile to pay for race tips? If you began with a stake of $1000 and the racing tips you received brought in $1 million, and the tipping service took $300,000 as their share of the proceeds, the answer would be an unequivocal yes. If these types of results were typical, everyone would be rich, and there would be insufficient losing wagers to pay the winners.

Now this is not meant to be critical of tipping services that provide horse racing tips on Australian horse racing. A good tipping service can give you an edge in the regard that they can use Internet technology to sift through thousands of past and future racing events to find those that offer enough potential to be profitable for both themselves and their clients.

What is important to remember, however, is not to be swayed by extravagant claims of phenomenal winning percentages. It is possible to have a high winning percentage and still not be profitable. For example, if you received race tips that resulted in your backing nine winners out of 10 races, that tipping service could fairly claim a 90% winning rate. But if all those winners were favourites that went off at less than even money, the winnings, less the tipping service's fees, could very well produce an overall loss to the punter's stake.

Pro Group Racing Horse Racing Tips

With eyes wide open, let's briefly examine Pro Group Racing and what they offer in the line of horse racing tips.

A ready source of horse tips are the services they specialize in providing race tips only and does not offer betting. These may offer more objective racing tips since they don't have any interest in whether or not you actually wager. Race tips are provided on a membership basis, leaving the punter to make the final determination of whether or not to take advantage of the supplied horse tips.

  • Over twenty-five years of involvement in Australian horse racing.
  • Offers different services depending on the amount of involvement desired.
  • An uncomplicated service providing direct and precise selections for a membership fee.

Convenient links to bookies, racecourse information, a full suite of betting tools, statistics and racing history. Substantial variety of membership options.

Finding a tipping service that provides you with good value requires a little bit of work and a little bit of diligence.

It is advisable to remember that even the best tipping services are wrong about race outcomes on occasion. The successful ones have been around a long time, and have made thousands of predictions. A tipping service with a 90% success rate that has forecast 10,000 races is going to be wrong on 1000 of those races. There is nothing in the laws of probability to prevent you from encountering a losing streak that can exceed your financial ability to withstand.

Australian horse racing tips have come a long way from the day of a casual acquaintance passing along gossip and educated guesses in the form of horse tips. These days, racing tips combine modern technology with knowledgeable expert analysis to supply horse tips that offer a bona fide opportunity for consistent punting success.

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