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Betfair Betting Exchange

betfair reviewSmart punters bet at Betfair, the world's biggest betting exchange! Betfair operates differently than your normal bookmaker, as they are a betting exchange, not a bookmaker. This means punters can back or lay their selections on how an event will pan out, against fellow punters around the world.

Betfair prices often equates to better value odds than a traditional bookmaker.

Why join Betfair for Horse Racing?

betfair websiteBetfair allows you to Back and Lay your bets and pick your own odds, much like stockbrokers who buy and sell shares on the stock exchange.

One of the major benefits to the punter is winning bets are only charged around 5% or less commission, and because every bet has a winner, it means the exchange doesn't require a high margin as most bookmakers do.

"In Play" betting on selected horse races at Betfair means you can either Back a horse or Lay off a horse during the running of a race.

Betfair also offers the best available odds for your bet, much more than the three Australian TABs, and you can sign up at Betfair for FREE to get top fixed price odds on all races.

For a complete guide to how the Betfair Betting Exchange operates, please take the time to read our Betfair User Guide, where we have a detailed explanation of how Betfair works.

Join Betfair to Bet Online

Join Betfair right now and take advantage of the world's biggest betting exchange. Back, Lay or Trade your bets at much better odds than the TAB

We Highly Recommend Betfair

We 'highly recommend' Betfair for betting on horse racing!

betfair special offerBetfair allows you to Back, Lay or Trade your horse at the best odds available for your bet. Fixed price odds on all markets means you can pick and choose your price at will. It doesn't get much better than that for punters.

Add free Betfair mobile app for members and The Hub tp improve your betting, and an account at the exchange simply gets better.

Three reasons why you must have a Betfair betting account.

one Back horses to win, Lay them to lose, or Trade to profit. It's your choice!
two Better odds than the TAB plus 'The Hub' to help you win
one 'In Play' betting lets you place bets during the running of a live race

If that's not enough, then check out the wonderful free betting tools at your disposal in the Betfair Hub. Take advantage of betting articles, horse racing tips, special offers and much more. Bet where the smart punters bet!

Betfair or TAB?

betfair or tabOne of the benefits of a Betfair account is the ability to pick and choose your odds on a variety of fixed priced markets. Placing bets against fellow punters for a small commission allows you to negotiate the best odds, unlike the TAB, who take a set percentage from the total pool and punters get to share what's left. Betfair is a much better option for punters than the TAB.

Betfair odds or the TAB?

Betfair regularly offers better odds than the best price available from the Australian TAB. If you bet on horse racing then you simply must have a Betfair account or you are losing money even when you win.

As an example, check out the difference Betfair and the TAB on the below feature races held during the 2010 Melbourne spring racing carnival. See for yourself how much better the prices were in favour of Betfair compared to the TAB. Punters who continue to bet on the TAB are losing money even when they win, as can be evidenced below.

betfair odds better than tab

Visit our Betfair vs Tab page if you need further proof.

Betfair allows you to sign up for free to have a look around. Join Betfair here to check them outfor yourself and be receiving the very best odds in a matter of minutes. There's no need to accept poor value from the TAB any more when you can get so much better at the exchange!

Betfair Racing Bet Types

betfair racingBetfair puts the punter in control of his betting because he has the choice to back a horse to win or lay it to lose against fellow punters at fixed priced odds on every market.

Betfair Back, Lay & Trade bet types

Backing a selection on Betfair is much like having a bet at the TAB except you are placing your bet against another person's opinion rather than placing it in the pool of a Tote. Fixed odds betting applies to all Betfair markets, unlike the TAB.

Laying a selection means you backing the horse to lose rather than win and you are taking the opposite of a back bet. The amount of money you stakes is the backer’s amount you are prepared to accept at the desired odds, not the amount of money you’re prepared to risk.

Trading your selections at Betfair guarantees you a profit before a race has taken place. Prices constantly change on the exchange, which means you can guarantee a winning position by backing a selection at high odds, then laying it at low odds, or vice-versa.

betfair winners bonus

Betfair in-Play Betting

In-Play Betting at Betfair gives punters the chance to snare those opportunities when the odds fluctuate rapidly during the course of a live event. Horse Racing can be very unpredictable at times and clever punters can experience some top returns on investment with in-play betting.

Betfair Multiple Betting

Multiple Betting is available at Betfair, also known as accumulator betting, where you can combine a number of selections from different markets into one bet. Betfair allows multiples of between 2 and 8 legs. The odds are calculated by multiplying the odds for each leg together.

The Betfair Hub

One of the top benefits of having a Betfair account is you get access to their excellent meeting place for punters, the Betfair Hub. Learn about betting and improve your punting experience along the way.

Betfair certainly puts you in control of your betting and all punters should have an account at the world's biggest betting exchange to ensure the best odds when placing a bet.

How to Join Betfair

Here is how to join Betfair for horse racing.

1. Go to the Betfair landing page where you can open a new account.
2. Sign up and register a new betting account at Betfair.
3. Login to your Betfair account with your user name and password
4. Browse betting markets for free or deposit funds to place a bet.

Don't have a Betfair account yet?

Betfair free bet

Visit Betfair here to bet now!

About Betfair Betting Exchange

Betfair has over 1,000,000 million customers around the world and Betfair Australia is licensed in Tasmania with the centre of operations taking place in Hobart. It is a joint venture between Publishing and Broadcasting Limited and Betfair in the UK.

Betfair Australia is the only licensed betting exchange in this country and punters can receive better odds, greater choice of wagering, and more control over their online betting.

Bookmakers rely on a margin to make a long term profit, but the exchange allows you to be your own bookmaker without being affected by any bookmaker margins. Your betting takes place directly against other punters and their opinions. This means value for the punter because prices on offer are traditionally higher than a conventional bookmaker.

Betfair is licensed in Hobart, Tasmania, and licensed and regulated by the Tasmanian Gaming Commission.

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You can deposit funds at Betfair via Visa, Mastercard, BPay, NAB, Bank Transfer, Credit Union Transfer, Neteller, and Moneybookers.

Reasons to bet on Horse Racing with Betfair

  • You can choose your own odds on any racing event
  • You can BACK your horse to win, LAY it to lose or Trade for a guranteed profit
  • Over 1,000,000 customers worldwide waiting to match your bet 24/7
  • Greater variety and control over your betting experience
  • 'In-Play' betting. You are able to bet once the event has started
  • 'Trading' is available to lock in a profit on all possible outcomes
  • Betfair offers much better odds than the TAB which means bigger wins
  • Free Mobile Service to check markets and make bets from your phone